Widespread Panic – Panic en la Playa Tres – Positive Legacy Auction Donation

So it’s not every day I get asked to do something of this magnitude. Just recently I was approached by a new friend, Kelsey, to perhaps do a donation for the Positive Legacy non-profit. Each year Positive Legacy travels the world with Cloud 9 Adventures and raises money and awareness for local projects that help the surrounding area be more sustainable. For Panic en la Playa Tres featuring the one and only Widespread Panic, the goal is to raise funds to provide a water treatment facility that will provide clean drinking water for 500+ local citizens.

When the opportunity was first presented my immediate thought was “OH NO!” as I didn’t have any stock footage of Widesprad Panic, and being that this festival is all about the band I really wasn’t sure what direction I could take the project to make the most valuable donation to PL. After a few discussions and a little bit of searching Kelsey and his wife Kara were able to find a collaborator who was willing to let me use images he had taken of the band. Tarver Shelton of Shoot First > Ask Questions Later generously offered six images(one of each band member) for me to edit using my signature style, Fractography.

Up for auction are a full band composition, limited edition 1 of 1 canvas print at 60 inches by 20 inches. It was printed locally, hand sealed and delivered unstretched. In addition to the full band composition each individual image will also be available as a limited edition 1 of 1 print. In total 7 pieces of artwork will be presented at the Positive Legacy Auction at Panic en la Playa Tres.

Dave Schools - Widespred Panic - Stock image by Tarver Shelton John Bell - Widespred Panic - Stock image by Tarver Shelton Todd Nance - Widespred Panic - Stock image by Tarver Shelton Jimmy Herring - Widespred Panic - Stock image by Tarver Shelton
John "JoJo" Hermann - Widespred Panic - Stock image by Tarver Sh
Domingo S. Ortiz - Widespred Panic - Stock image by Tarver Shelt Widespread Panic - Positive Legacy Auction - Panic en la Playa

Umphrey’s McGee – Fractography

It’s at least a few times per year that I get out to see my favorite band Umphrey’s McGee play live. They’ve been an integral part of my growth as an artist as well as being a huge inspiration in my day to day life. This past February the band did a three day run in their hometown of Chicago and I was generously granted a photo pass to shoot one night of photos on opening night(Thursday). While there was also an offer on the table to work with TourGigs doing a live video feed for the show, I was also in the city and at these shows to celebrate three wonderful years with my girlfriend. All factors considered I decided to take my chance to take photos on night one and enjoy the rest of the weekend and shows with my girl and our friends.

I really couldn’t have been more happy with my decision. Thursday’s show and the impeccable pit access I was granted allowed me to capture some of the my personal best photos of the band. Something about this evening in front of the hometown crowd just really gave me a great boost of energy and confidence in the work I was creating. As is typical when covering bands I was providing my images for a partner company that I work with(and have ownership in) Bands that Jam. After submitting my images to Bands that Jam I immediately went to work on crafting some of my signature Fractography images. Going into the event I knew that not only did I want to create Fractography images of the band but I was on a mission to create a full set of images from the evening. At least one shot of each band member. I was incredibly pleased with the imagery I was able to capture and below you can see the results.

As always I have to thank Umphrey’s McGee for their hard work, dedication, and amazing music that has truly changed my life. Thanks also to the crew at The Riviera Theatre, Rob of Shorefire media for the access, the fans for being the best around, and all the friends and family who enjoyed the weekend with us.

Ryan Stasik - Umphrey's McGee - Riviera Theater Brendan Bayliss - Umphrey's McGee - The Riviera Theater Joel Cummins - Umphrey's McGee - The Riviera Theatre Jake Cinninger - Umphrey's McGee - The Riviera Theatre Andy Farrag - Umphrey's McGee - The Riviera Theatre Kris Meyers - Umphrey's McGee - The Riviera Theatre Umphrey's McGee - The Riviera TheatreUmphrey's McGee Fractography Full Band

Fractography – Gallery Art Show

This one was a doozy. It was time for my artwork to be let out in to the world and so I had my imagery printed to canvas, hand stretched and displayed during my first solo exhibit at a local gallery. The experience was pretty immersive I took care of everything from planning the event, securing the location, advertising with both print and social media marketing, and then executed the entire project with great success. The gallery opening had over 200 people in attendance, the event was followed by music from the Old Shoe and a special Old Shoe Fractography print was made available for the evening.


Old Shoe – Fractography Poster

This image was created as part of my Fractography project. The band enjoyed the image and asked if I would make it available for them to use in promotional materials. They have since licensed and used the image for social media, press releases and a printed copy was made available as merchandise at their shows. The image was originally taken at the bands yearly festival, Shoe Fest.

Old Shoe - Shoe Fest 2013


Ed Anderson – Promotional Photo’s and Solo Album Packaging Images

Recently asked by Ed Anderson, formerly of Backyard Tire Fire, to come by his house here in Bloomington and shoot a few photos of him to be used in his new album release. The album is produced by grammy award winning artist and producer Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. The record is currently in production and will be released via Royal Potato Family out of Brooklyn, NY. It was a real treat to work with Ed on this image package as I’ve been an avid friend and follower of his music for some time. Some of the very first concert images I ever took were of Ed performing with Backyard Tire Fire. He’s been a huge supporter and inspiration in my creative process.



EDA inside cover #2

 Final Images:

EdAnderson-Lies&Wishes-Banner EdAnderson-Lies&Wishes-Cover